About the author

I started to build ImSmart when I saw that there was no flexible tool to harness the full power of IFTTT and be able to extend automation to what it should be. My professional life has been devoted to building tools that can be expanded and that have few limitations. In a sense I always built tools to automate my work or the work of others. That's what I really like: to make tools or applications that will save time and money. I hate losing time with repetitive stuff (or see others lose time). My job today is focused on automating IT processes and invoice loading.

Before my current job, I was busy for 15 years building the first Internet provider in my hometown (Quebec City). I built different applications (ecommerce platform, RADIUS-based invoice manager, internal time sheets and many others) as well as building and maintaining the architecture.

Before that, I tried a bunch of different things on my Vic-20 and then Atari ST.
I hope you find ImSmart helpful.
Paul Dubé

Coming Features / Announcements

Version 2 is the works and will introduce methods, modules and connectors for greater extensibility and control. The goal is to position ImSmart as a leading automation platform.
What Version 2 will be about:


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